Can a link to MyEDiary be added to the Sentral Dashboard?

Sentral allows you to configure the buttons / links on your Sentral Dashboard as needed.

On the Sentral Dashboard

1. Log in to Sentral with Administrator privileges
2. Click on the "My Dashboard" link
3. Choose "Customise School Dashboard"
4. From there you can add a button to link to your MyEDiary. Set the URL for the button as the complete 'permalink' to your MyEDiary. This should look something like: ''.
5. Set the style attributes as required.

A customised eDiary link in the Sentral Dashboard

On the Student / Parent Portal

Similarly, the same can be setup in "School Applications" in the Portal Setup so that if you are utilising the Sentral Student and Parent Portals, a link can be configured to be shown there too. 
Simply follow the instructions to create the link within the School Applications during the portal setup process. The Sentral knowledge base will be able to provide more details on this.

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