MyEDiary Integration - an overview

Integration allows you to synchronise data between your eDiary and participating school administration or timetabling systems.


What is Integration?

MyEDiary has long been aware that the double handling of data is a burden that no school needs, nor can afford to maintain.

We are now pleased to offer schools automated data synchronisation with our partners  Sentral Education, Edval Timetables and Millennium Schools, plus one-click CSV import with Timetabler and First Class timetabling software.

Data Integration Partners

What sort of data is synchronised?

The types of data that MyEDiary can receive include:

  •  Student Details
  •  Staff Details
  •  Staff Class Details
  •  Student Class Details
  •  Teacher's Class Times

Is my school data safe?

Yes of course!

Firstly, MyEDiary securely receives data from your school software and does NOT sync any data back. Parents, students & teachers then use a unique username and password to view the data in MyEDiary.

In addition to this, MyEDiary protects data using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). Our cloud storage servers are located within Australia and have taken extensive steps to keep your virtual infrastructure safe and secure in terms of providing network security, data centre security, virtual server & storage security and best practice policy.

How will integration affect the data within MyEDiary?

Before setting up an integration it is important to realise that once enabled, all of the above data will be managed by your School Administration System. That means that every time the School Administration System synchronises with MyEDiary, the above data will be updated / replaced / deleted to match. Any students, teachers and classes that are in MyEDiary but are not in your School Administration System will be deleted on each synchronisation.

Integration only allows a one-way synchronisation between your School Administration System and MyEDiary. Data inside your School Administration System is not affected in any way. Data can only be pushed from your School Administration System into MyEDiary.

What is required in order to enable integration? 

Valid email addresses for every user

MyEDiary requires that all users have an active, accessible email address. This is because MyEDiary sends an invite to every new user. The invite contains important information that the user will need in order to sign up for a MyEDiary user account. Without a MyEDiary user account a user will not be able to access MyEDiary.
If you are using Integration to keep your Students and Staff synchronised, it’s essential that when the information is pushed to MyEDiary it contains their current email address. Student and Staff records that do not contain an email address will be synced to the system but will not be able to be used.
Before enabling Integration, we recommend checking with your School Administration System to ensure that all email addresses are present and if they are not, updating the records as required.

A supported School Administration System

MyEDiary can integrate with any system that pushes data using the LISS Standard. If your particular School Administration System is not in our list of  Integration Partners, the first thing you should do is enquire with that vendor and find out whether or not they can push data using the LISS standard. If they do, request that they contact MyEDiary so that we can arrange for integration to be set up.

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