How can I view my child's homework in the eDiary?

You can view your child's homework in the MyEDiary parent view in two different ways - a tabbed layout for each child allowing you to view all the detail of the homework task including any attachments, or as a homework report showing a summary of the tasks assigned to all of your children.

Watch the video below or read on to learn more.


Student homework tab

To access the student homework tab, firstly click the child from the dashboard that you want to see the homework for.

You can then click through the different tabs to view the homework tasks, or click on the task itself to view more information about it.


Pending sign off
Tasks that have been marked as completed by your child but have not yet been signed off by a teacher.

Tasks with a due date after today that have not been marked as completed by your child.

Tasks with a due date before today that have not been completed by your child.

Recently completed
Tasks that have recently been marked as completed.

Homework details page

The homework details page is displayed when you click on the name of a task. It shows further details about the task such as the description and any attachments. The information on the right is:

  • The type of task.
  • The estimated time the teacher expects student to take to complete the task.
  • The weighting of the task.
  • If the teacher is required to sign off that students have completed the task.

Homework report view

The homework report view can be accessed by clicking on the Homework Reports icon from the dashboard.

This will then display the homework tasks for your children in a summary report.

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