How to import data from KAMAR

KAMAR has built-in reports for exporting directly to MyEDiary CSV files. It's a very straightforward process to generate the files for:

  1. Staff import
  2. Student import
  3. Parent/Guardian import
  4. Class Lists import
  5. Enrolments import

One-click export

  1. Within KAMAR, simply go to Printing > External Programs > and select “Export Files for MyEDiary”.
  2. You're done! The files will be downloaded as a Zip file that you can then unpack.

Import into MyEDiary

You should now have your five CSV files (Staff, Student, Parent/Guardian, Class Lists, Enrolments) ready for import. Refer to our  How to use the CSV import tool article for more information on importing your data into MyEDiary.

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