How to manage Auto Tasks

Auto Tasks that have already been created can be viewed and managed by clicking the Auto Tasks icon from the dashboard.

Managing Auto Tasks

The Auto Tasks index page shows important information about the Auto Task such as its schedule and status. You are able to search for, filter, and sort Auto Tasks. To edit or to view more information about an Auto Task, simply click on its name or choose Edit from the option menu.

Any unwanted Auto Tasks can be deleted by choosing Delete from the option menu. Note that this will only delete the Auto Task, it will not delete anything that has been previously created or assigned by the Auto Task.

Auto Task status

Once an Auto Task has been created it will have one of three statuses.


The Auto Task has been set up but has not yet run or it is currently running.

Attention Required

The Auto Task could not run when it was last scheduled to. An example of this can be when the class a homework task was meant to be assigned to has been removed or it has no students. In most cases this can be fixed by editing the Auto Task and ensuring at least one class with students in it has been selected.

The Auto Task has passed it scheduled end date, meaning it is no longer running. This status only requires your attention if you wish to extend the scheduled end date for the Auto Task.

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