The MyEDiary S.M.★.R.T Care Program

In order to implement the successful adoption of any new software within a school’s digital ecosystem, it is imperative that a clearly defined roadmap is in place to ensure a seamless transition.

For this purpose MyEDiary have developed the S.M.★.R.T (Strategic Management for Application Rollout & Transition) Care Program. This program consists of five essential phases from Discovery through to Mentoring to ensure not only a wide adoption of MyEDiary but also the ongoing success of your investment.

   01.   DISCOVERY
  • Introduction to your Customer Champion
  • Overview of rollout timeline
  • Nomination of Key Implementation Team
A dedicated Customer Champion will introduce you to MyEDiary, help you to establish your Key Implementation Team (the school staff responsible for overseeing the implementation and ongoing management of the software) and give you clear guidance to move forward and achieve the fundamental deliverables of the rollout.
   02.   CONCIERGE
  • Integration / Import School Data
  • Customisation of eDiary
  • Training Resources for Key Implementation Team
Your Customer Champion works with you to customise MyEDiary to your school’s individual requirements, assists you with bringing in your school data, and ensures setup and training milestones are met in accordance with your rollout timeline.
  • Online training toolkits for teachers, students, and parents
  • Teachers are invited to sign in
Your Customer Champion provides the tools and support necessary to ensure that teachers, students and parents learn to use MyEDiary effectively over the rollout period. Teachers are the first user group invited to sign in, and are offered support by the Key Implementation Team.
  • Students are invited to sign in
  • Homework and Assessment Tasks are issued
  • Parents are invited to sign in
  • School Events and Announcements are pushed to all users  
Students and parents are now invited to sign in. Using the training toolkits, all users will soon be comfortable with MyEDiary and key functionality such as assigning non-deletable Homework and Announcements start to become widely used.
   05.   MENTORING
  • Review of user statistics
  • User Engagement Interview to discuss how your school is tracking
  • Guidance on how to improve and increase engagement
  • Continued support provided
We check in with you every 3 months to see how MyEDiary is being used in your school community and if required offer our guidance on how user engagement can be improved.

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