Managing existing staff members

At a glance

User Status

A MyEDiary user can have one of five statuses:

  • Invited - the user has been sent an invitation email but have not clicked the link in the email.
  • Uninvited - the user has not been sent an invitation email.
  • Confirmed - the user has clicked the link in the invitation email and has confirmed their account.
  • Creating User - the user has clicked the link in the invitation email but has not filled in the required details to confirm their account.
  • Rejected - the user has clicked the link in the invitation email but has advised they are not a member of the school.

For Integrated Schools

As users are created and managed outside of MyEDiary when it is used with one of our integration partners, the only actions available in this area for Integrated schools are managing invitations and granting/revoking admin rights. Read more about integration  here.

Inviting Staff Members

All staff members who have not yet been sent an invitation email to MyEDiary can be found by clicking the 'Uninvited' tab.

Staff members can be invited to MyEDiary either individually...

Or all uninvited staff members can be invited by clicking the 'Quick-invite all Uninvited Staff Members' button.

Re-inviting Staff Members

Re-inviting staff members who have misplaced their original invitation email can be done individually using the option menu as above or can be done in bulk using the filters and bulk action menu:

Editing/Deleting Staff Members

To edit or delete an existing staff member, click the option menu beside the staff member then click the relevant option.

Granting/Revoking Administrator Rights

To grant Administrator rights to a staff member, click on the name of the staff member then click the Grant Administrator Rights button. The same process can be followed to revoke the admin rights (the button changes to Revoke Administrator Rights).

To view a list of the staff members that have Administrator rights, click the 'Administrators' tab.

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