How to view and manage assigned homework in bulk

Click on the Homework icon from the MyEDiary dashboard to view the homework tasks you have assigned.

If you are an administrator, you can check the 'Show homework for entire school' option to see all homework tasks.


The homework screen is divided into four tabs. Each of these display a different selection of homework tasks:

Pending sign off

Tasks that have been created with the 'Requires teacher sign-off' option selected and have at least one student that has marked the task as complete but this has not been signed off by a teacher.


Tasks with a due date after today.


Tasks with a due date before today that have not been completed by all students.


Tasks that have been saved as a Draft.


Tasks with a due date more than one month ago or tasks that have a due date before today and are 100% complete.

Search, Sort, and Filter

Homework tasks can be searched for using the search box, and the tasks can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking on any column name.

By clicking the Show Filters button, tasks can also be filtered by each column.

Bulk Actions

Use the check boxes to the left of each task to select a few or all tasks and perform bulk actions.

Per Task Actions

Click the option menu to the right of each task to perform task specific actions.

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