I can't sign into MyEDiary. What can I do?

Not being able to sign into the eDiary can be a frustrating experience. To help you resolve this we have put together a guide with the most common reasons that you would not be able to sign into the eDiary.

I forgot my password

Don't worry, it happens to us all. Luckily it is super easy to reset your password and move forward:

1. Click the 'Forgot your password?' link or click here to go to the password reset page.

2. Enter your email address and click 'Send me reset password instructions'.

You will receive an email with instructions about how to reset your password in a few minutes. 

I forgot my sign in email

If you are a student or teacher, in most cases your sign in email will be your school email address. If you are a parent, your sign in email will most likely be the contact email address that you have supplied to the school.

Try searching your emails for messages containing "MyEDiary" in the subject line. If you find an invitation sent to your email address, this address is your sign in email.

My email cannot be found

If you cannot log in because MyEDiary cannot find your email address, it's more than likely that your school has invited you to MyEDiary but you have not yet accepted the invitation. Search your email inbox for the invitation email (it will contain "MyEDiary Invitation" in the subject line), or ask your school MyEDiary administrator to re-send it to you.

Cookies are disabled

Having Cookies disabled in your browser will prevent you from signing in. For instructions on how to check this (and re-enable if necessary) follow the relevant link below:

Desktop / Laptop

Mobile Device

Also try using your browser’s incognito or “private browsing” mode to see if the problem is caused by something other than cookies.

Still no luck?

Click here to submit a support ticket and be sure to let us know the name of your school. Our Customer Success Team will have you up and running again soon.

If there's anything else we can help with or if you'd like to schedule a more in-depth demo, please Contact Us Contact Us