How do I import just teachers when integrating with Sentral?

A school consists of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Non-teaching staff such as groundskeepers or canteen staff do not sign into the eDiary, so why are they listed in there as staff? If your school integrates with Sentral, you can set up Staff Type Mappings so that the only staff in the eDiary are those who need to be in there.

1. Set up Staff Type Mappings

Go to Sentral Setup:

Then go to Data Sources > Administration Data > Staff Type Mapping:

In this screen set up the Staff Type Mappings as desired.

2. Turn off the Staff Types that do not require Syncing

Go to Sentral Setup, then Data Sources > Integration Settings and click the Configure button beside My eDiary:

Click on Sync Options at the top right:

In this screen, click Turn Sync Off beside the Staff Types that do not require Syncing.

That's it!

The next time Sentral syncs with the eDiary (normally overnight) your changes you have made in Sentral will be reflected in the eDiary.

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