How to copy existing homework

MyEDiary provides staff and administrators the ability to create new homework based on any previously created homework. This can save lots of time when having to repeatedly assign very similar homework to various students or classes.

Copying Existing Homework

Step 1. To copy existing homework, first navigate to the Homework page by clicking on the 'Homework' icon in your dashboard:

Step 2. Locate the homework you'd like to copy and select the 'Copy' option from that homework's drop down menu on the right:

Step 3. In the popup window that appears, choose which settings from the existing homework you'd like to copy over. 

You have the following options:

  • Title
    It will be automatically populated with 'Copy of [the existing homework title]'. You can change as required but it is advisable to use unique title names if possible.
  • Assigned Students
    Selecting this option will copy over the classes and selected students that the existing homework is currently assigned to
  • Homework Content
    Selecting this option will copy over the actual homework content.
  • Homework Settings
    Selecting this option will copy over the homework type, teacher sign-off setting, weighting, and estimated hours & minutes.
  • Due Date
    Selecting this option will copy over the due date. Note that this will be the case even if the existing homework's due date is in the past.

Step 3. Click on Duplicate to create new homework based on the settings that you have entered above. The homework will be created in draft mode. Click on the 'Drafts' tab in the homework screen to view it.

Step 4. Edit the task to finish populating the homework with the required data then click the 'Assign now' button to assign it to your class(es).

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