How to save homework in draft mode

'Draft' homework is not published to the student eDiaries, meaning that students and parents can not see or access it.

NOTE: Homework can only be saved in draft mode if it has not previously been published to students. Homework that has already been published cannot be reverted back to draft mode.

When creating new homework using the 'Assign Homework' button, you can on the last step choose to assign it immediately or save it as a draft to publish at a later date. Click on the arrow beside the 'Assign now' button to see this option:

If you have not entered all of the information required to be able to publish new homework, your homework will automatically be saved as a draft. To assign the homework, edit it to fill in all the required details then click Assign now:

HINT: You can also create new homework by copying existing homework. When copying existing homework, the homework is automatically saved as a draft. 

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