What Is Causing Edval Sync Error - Authentication Failed?

Sometimes whilst syncing Edval with MyEDiary you may receive an error message that reads: 'MyEDiary (DD) reports Authentication Failed For User ""'. This means that Edval is trying to authenticate with MyEDiary using a blank username.

Why has this happened when previous syncs have worked without a problem?

Some of the sync credentials are stored in the Edval .etz file and some are stored in the Windows registry (your computer's settings). The username and password are stored in the registry and the URL and options are stored in the .etz file. Bringing in a new .etz file (such as when moving to a new term timetable) which has never had a sync configuration set would clear the URL and options. Switching to a new Windows user profile will clear the username and password. This is built-in to the way Edval works.

What to do if this happens?

Simply enter your sync credentials that we provided you when we setup the integration. If you no longer have those details handy, contact support@myediary.com.au to submit a ticket. We'll get back to you with your credentials and instructions on how to reconfigure Edval.

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